How much does it cost to study Medicine in your country? US $200,000? More than that? What if we told you that quality medical education is possible for half that amount if you choose to pursue it in the Caribbean? Today, the Caribbean is among the most preferred destinations for academic pursuits in medicine. With medical colleges offering curriculum mapped to US programs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, program delivery through international faculty, and other benefits, life in a Caribbean med school is more than extraordinary!

Join Dr. Jeffrey Antonio, Dean College of Medicine, Texila American University in a conversation on how to achieve quality Medical education abroad at affordable rates. With 60+ medical colleges listed in the IMED, Dr. Antonio will guide you on the life of a medical student in the Caribbean.

If you are an Indian student and in a hunt of the best country to Study MBBS abroad, you can definitely stick to the Caribbean as the best option. Now that you are aware of the things to consider before attending a Caribbean medical school, get started with your search for your dream medical school in the Caribbean.

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