Texila American University’s (TAU) postgraduate program with a specialization in ophthalmology, follows the contemporary model of blended learning and is offered in partnership with the University of Central Nicaragua (UCN). It is designed to support advanced ophthalmology students through a curriculum that recognizes their ophthalmic interests. The program follows and adheres to the international curriculum making the degree attractive to students globally.

Dr. Jasdeep Singh Sandhu of Jalandhar, India, has been one of our most dedicated students. Hear him as he speaks about his experience at TAU during his postgraduate program in ophthalmology.

The program is structured in a way that allows students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their chosen subspecialty. On completion of the program, students will be able to apply the knowledge in assessing and managing patients in the urgent and emergency clinical settings. They will be able to understand the contribution and responsibilities of an ophthalmologist in the multidisciplinary medical and surgical disease.

TAU with its flexible and blended program in ophthalmology encourages its students to show a high level of integrity and ability to take initiative professionally at a level of independent medical and surgical practice.

For more details on our postgraduation programs in medicine (distance and blended) reach us at: https://pg.tauedu.org/

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