Nowadays, a lot of students are inclined towards getting an MBBS degree and graduate to become a doctor. The journey to becoming a doctor starts right from when you decide to appear for the NEET exam. The dream of becoming a doctor is shattered for many students just after the announcement of the NEET results.

The scarcity of government medical colleges have become a major concern for all the prospective students. Opting for a private college in India is still a mammoth task for a lot of students. Let’s see the current scenario of MBBS in India and how abroad is a good option.

MBBS Abroad – Pros and Cons

Pursuing MBBS abroad has been on the surge from a last few decades. Indeed, it seems to be the best option as the fees structure of MCI approved universities is much less than that of several over-expensive private medical colleges in India. However, we have listed some crucial pros and cons of MBBS abroad.


1. Fits the Budget – With a  reasonable fee structure staring from Rs. 15 lacs to 60 Lacs, some of the countries, for instance, the Caribbean provides the best educational standard in that whole spectrum.

2. No Donation/ Capitation Fee – Secured a seat in an Indian government medical school? Well and good! But what if you haven’t scored that much and seeking an admission into Private medical schools? You must need to make your budget grow larger then; Private medical colleges are expert in burning a hole in your pocket with their donation fee amount. It’s way better to get and admission abroad with much less fee structure and without donation or capitation fee as well.

3. PG with Stipend – There are a lot of colleges abroad that offers quite a good amount of stipend to all the worthy students. Going that way, you are always have an edge over those students who are pursuing their medical studies in India.

4. Better Infrastructure and Facilities – It is now a well known fact that MBBS schools not only provide an adept educational quality, but also a great state-of-the-art infrastructure that just make the journey of s students much more easier. Colleges like Texila American University situated in Guyana and Zambia are at the cutting edge of lab facility and the overall infrastructure.

5. Option to Settle Abroad – It is like a dream come true for any student to practice in the US after completing their MBBS. Many colleges with proper exposure and inbuilt training programs like USMLE provides the students with the chances of settling and practising in Abroad.


As an ancient proverb goes – ‘Every advantage has its own disadvantages’. The moment you think to opt for a medical school abroad, you should be aware of these factors:

1. Do a substantial research as there are abundance of low quality MBBS options . You need to be very careful while finalizing the one.

2. Don’t go with anybody’s words, especially the agents, the counsellors. You should actually do your own research and find out on your own

What are the Options Available?

Well, there are many countries offering an MBBS degree. The question is – Is every country worth the investment? So based on the fee structure, countries like China, Ukraine seems to be quite low and Philippines as well. But there are a few more things you need to consider. FMGE pass percentage is one of them. Let’s look at the options available to student:

China – Colleges charge a fee structure in the range from 15 Lacs to 30 Lacs in China. Majority of the colleges which fall in B and C category fail to provide a quality education. Moreover, language barrier adds up to this as you need to Mandarin compulsorily to survive and to interact with patients.

Philippines – Philippines again, offers MBBS in comparatively low fee structure; finding a genuine medical college is an uphill battle. Students usually fall prey to the agents who promise a direct admission. There is no such thing as direct admission as after your pre medical, you need to appear for NMAT to continue your medicine study.

Caribbean – The Caribbean has the highest FMGE pass%. For instance, Texila has 96% of passing rate In FMGE. With an affordable budget of 38-40, Caribbean medical schools also offer inbuilt USMLE training which helps you to practice in the US.

Bangladesh – Indeed, there are some colleges that provide considerable quality of education; but majority of the colleges have poor infrastructure and substandard educational standard which can provide you only the degree, but not a great career.

Russia/ Georgia / Kyrgyzstan/ Ukraine – Low cost education is indeed guaranteed in these nations; but they have their own disadvantages. Local language is mandatory for survival as well as to pursue clinical rotations. Lack of Indian embassy (for instance in Georgia) and comparatively a very low MCI pass ratio across the nations are the stumbling blocks to the students.

Where do we Reach in closure?

It doesn’t end with just getting a degree! Think it from a long-term perspective. Do your own research well and keep multiple parameters before going for the final one.

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