“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

It’s the football season! FIFA World Cup 2018 is in full swing in Russia. And when the whole world is enraptured in this popular sport, there can be no way that at Zambia we would be left behind.

On 4th June 2018, Texila American University, Zambia participated in its first ever inter-university football match, held in Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka, Zambia. Scheduled at 11:00 hours, and spanning throughout the day, the football match was witness to a group of enthusiastic students playing a game with full passion and delight.

Texila American University: The Team and Match

Football teams from 5 universities – Texila American University, Rock View University, Eden University, Evelyn Hone College and University College of Health Sciences actively participated in the friendly football match. At about 12:30 hours, Texilans took on University College of Health Sciences in a 60-min match. Under the superb captaincy of Samir Ahmed, a student of MBChB program, and goal keeper Kevin Ndibalem, a student of Health Professions Foundation Program at Texila, the team played exceptionally well.

In this inter-university football tournament, Texila American University sponsored refreshments and drinks for all the players. Dr. Ajay Poddar, DVC, was present to support and encourage the young players.

Texilians sponsoring refreshments at the Inter-college football tournament

Inter-College Football Tournament: The Verdict

In an ideal game of football, there is a winning team – and an opponent that gave sufficient competition. The inter-college match was no different. The matches were skilfully played, high-spirited and enjoyable to the core, making the event one to remember.

Mr. Milambo from UNICOHS, primary event organizer said “I loved how encouraging everyone was. Even though it was a competition, participants were constantly putting in their best.” He was delighted at the success of the inter-university football match and impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and perseverance shown by the students.

Inter-College Football Tournament: A game in action

The next tournament is to be scheduled shortly and seeing the enthusiasm of participants this time, we can surely expect a larger crowd and more participating colleges. Of course, this also means that the teams and students will need more training and practice to play on a larger scale, and at Texila, we will make sure that all support to succeed is provided.

At Texila American University, a top private university in Zambia for Medicine and health care programs, we are on the mission to transform the landscape of education in Zambia and around Africa. We believe that for complete development of today’s student, it is necessary to nurture the mind and body. The football tournament was one such initiative.

In continuation of our attempt to provide holistic education to our students and nurture their mind, body and soul, at Texila American University, Zambia, on June 28th we are organizing a Talk Series to commemorate International Yoga Day. Register Today and be a part of this event.

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