Get Enough Sleep

Each adult should need 8 hours of sleep each day. Also they need to get into their bed before 10 pm because growth hormones will secrete in our body between 11pm and 1am. These growth hormones are responsible for lean muscle and immune function.

Avoid skipping meals

Morning breakfast is the important one as it gives the initial boost of energy for the entire day. So avoid the situation of skipping meals.

Drink more water

It is easy to become dehydrated during the day. Lack of water causes lassitude (tiredness) in our body. Swap the soft drinks and coffee by water instead.


If you are too tired both physically and mentally, take a walk outside which boosts energy and the effects lasts upto two hours.

Plenty of Exercise

Try to do exercise of about 20-30 minutes every morning. It could be of aerobics, yoga, walking, running, stretching and push up. The important thing is to keep your body to move, strengthen and relax your body muscles.

Listen to music

If you are feeling tired, and then listen to your favorite music and get moving for a short walk. Music is one of the powerful motivator.

Always wake up at same time

Getting into regular sleep-wake rhythm will do wonders in your body. Your mind feels always active if you maintain this rhythm.

Keep plants around

Psychologists found that accenting a room with fresh plants and colorful flowers boosts our energy and mood levels.

Live for the present

Don’t think about the past, forget the future and live for the present. Always live for the present. Put all your efforts to survive in present. Don’t make additional plans to pursue it in future.

Regulate your breath

Work on breathing exercise every morning. Take deep breath slowly and hold up for maximum 5-10 seconds and release it very slowly. Continue it for 15 minutes. These breathing exercises increase your energy level immediately.

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