Concentration is the ability to focus the mind on one point. The following are the simple tips to improve your concentration power.

Exclude negative

Don’t tell yourself that you cannot concentrate on anything. Under estimating yourself is the main problem in concentration. So, don’t think you haven’t the ability to concentrate.

Include Positive

Whenever you’re getting a situation to focus on anything. Tell yourself mildly over and over again that you can concentrate; you have the ability to do that.

Make your mind free

If your mind is getting distracted on any problems like emotional, unresolved business problems, just think that the problem is a temporary. It will get a solution soon. If you can’t think like that, do one thing; just take a piece of paper and write the problem you got. Then try to solve. Even though the problem is not getting solved, but your mind will be free from that problem.

Do one thing at a time

Always do one thing at a time. Jumping from one task to another will makes your mind getting too tired and lack of concentration. If you finish the task one by one, it gives an inner satisfaction which leads to more concentration power.

Count 100 – 1 in reverse

It looks funny, but it increases more concentration power to face the un-expectable problems.

Expectation results defeat

Don’t try to solve the problem and never expect the result on finishing the particular work. Just do it and stay relaxed.

Take breaks in regular interval

Taking breaks like a short walk in appropriate intervals on doing a task will reenergize your mind and makes it very fresh.

Do different

Vary your activities; doing one thing will make you bore.

Love the work

Don’t think the un-expectable tasks as burden. Love your work and make your mind to ask the next toughest work. This generates more positive energy inside you.

Cleanse your mind with the soap of concentration, and wash it with the water of meditation.

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