Management is the practice of organizing and coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish the goals and objectives of a business or organization. TAU offers distance and online management courses in all areas of specialization for aspiring applicants.

The management faculty at TAU ensures an insightful understanding of the subject and an enriching study experience.  The course materials are delivered through TAU’s online portal which is accessible anytime. Online conferencing, forums and multimedia facilitate virtual interaction which helps the students to share their reports, feedback’s and problems with fellow mates and the professors. They also have the opportunity to interact with professionals from different industries irrespective of their location.


Program Verticals

  1.     Master Programs
  2.     MBA
  3.     Integrated MBA
  4.     Executive MBA
  5.     Doctoral Programs
  6.     PhD in Management
  7.     Integrated PhD in Management
  8.     PhD in Healthcare Management

Master Programs in Business Management, at Texila American University, have been developed with insights from leading industry experts, and courses taught by respected faculty who are active practitioners in the field of Business and Management.

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