Clinical research programs online @ TAU

TAU offers the Clinical Research programs that make the students aware of the various drug development processes for the improved health of the society. The program is completely online and facilitates a perfect balance of self-growth as well as the welfare of the society.

Clinical research programs online @ TAU

The programs offered include the Masters in Clinical Research and the Doctoral (PhD) in Clinical Research. The Masters on Clinical Research is of two years duration. Any students who have completed the UG in Medicine or Life Science or Pharmaceutical or Nursing or Allied Health Sciences or Clinical Research can pursue the course.

The Doctoral or the PhD programs in Clinical Research is a 3 year course which is research based. Students with MSC in Clinical Research or Post graduate degree in medical & Allied Health Sciences can pursue this program. The students who have completed the MSc in Life Science along with the Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research can pursue the program.

TAU’s school of clinical research offers courses in PG certificate & PG Diploma levels in an array of subjects from Pharmacovigilance to Clinical Data Management, from Research and Regulatory affairs to Good Clinical Practice/Good Laboratory Practice based on International Conference of Harmonization. For more details about the clinical research program please visit

The program has its focus on transferring the students into clinical research professionals with lucrative career opportunities. The mail highlight of the course scenario lies in the Quality training, flexible e-tutoring, internship and complete placement assistance on successful completion of the training.

“Clinical research program, at TAU’s web campus, offers a systematic study of new drugs in human subjects to generate data for discovering and verifying clinical, pharmacological and adverse effects to determine the safety and efficacy of the new drugs”, said the HOD of the School of Clinical research, Texila American University, Guyana.

The Clinical Research Industry across the world is an ever growing industry. The past few years have witnessed newer avenues of employment in this sector. The fact that the clinical trials market worldwide is worth over US$ 45 billion justifies why the industry has employed an estimated 2 million people in the US and over 70,000 people in the UK. The average nominal annual salary growth across all the positions is 4% as against less than 1% for other segments.

“The course was very well structured, covering since basics to advanced knowledge about many aspects of clinical research. It has not only helped me understand the technical aspects about researching, but also about working in group, discussing ethical and philosophical aspects”, said one of the students of the Texila American University.

Watch our program video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEFrIS03gz4

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