Study medicine @ TAU at lower cost

Texila American University initiated several programs in the field of medicine at affordable fees. The program in the specialized trade is designed such that the students get good exposure to the Clinical. The University has been offering different Doctor of Medicine programs in different tracks, namely Normal track and the US track. In the Normal track, the students undergo the clinical rotations in the affiliated hospitals in Guyana where TAU is partnered. In the US track, the students are given the option to pursue the Clinical in the US.

Study medicine @ TAU at lower cost

The University, which has been in the forefront since its inception, has students from around 35 countries to pursue the medical studies. Extending the tradition of excellence in medical education for the greater benefit of humanity, Tau has endeavored to provide the medicine programs in a way to suit the requirements of contemporary practice.

The curriculum in the TAU has been structured in a way to support the mission of training physicians in meeting the health care sector requirements including the rural and unprivileged area with ease. This is accomplished by introducing a superior level of medical education by developing independent, lifelong learning skills and good clinical rotations to earn a good practice and to understand the patient problems well. Students get benefitted from the program by acquiring the fundamental knowledge and skills to develop the appropriate attitude to the practice of community responsive medicine.

TAU has a growing network of training partners and top US attending physicians. The training is given at ACGME hospitals where ever required. The students get guaranteed access to teaching hospitals, community hospitals & nursing homes. They can earn valuable Letters of Recommendations and clinical evaluations from each rotation that shall position & train them for residency placements ahead.

The Clinical Placements of the TAU is well-reputed with more than 20 years of experience in the acculturation and document revision.The university ensures practical experience by connecting the junior medical students with community family physicians in the country.

 “The medicine courses of TAU have been designed keeping in mind high level of competency and development of intellectual and technical knowledge in medicine. Beyond knowledge and skill in medicine, the curriculum also coaches in reading medical literature, conducting medical research and publishing or marketing expertise. It teaches the students the importance of self-motivated learning as a lifelong exercise”, said the HOD, College of Medicine, Texila American University, Guyana.

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