Public health @ TAU

Public health management is the study of the measures for the protection and promotion of health. It includes the prevention of diseases or injury and the maintenance of health standards. This is done through the organized efforts of society, organizations, communities, and individuals.

Public health @ TAU

Texila American University offers several Public Health Programs via Distance & Online programs. The programs are reliable with affordable tuition fees unlike other universities. The DOP programs would benefit the students in various ways like:

Programs are offered in a unique Online Teaching Learning Process (OTLP)

  1. Instant and continuous support by the faculties
  2. Modular based curriculum, which focuses on the core competency and skills
  3. Lectures for every modules and sub modules, developed by the faculty members
  4. Round the clock support by the dedicated Student Coordinators
  5. Continuous and weekly assessment for evaluation

Programs Offered in the School of Public Health:

  1. Master of Public Health
  2. Master of Public Health (Advanced Standing)
  3. PhD in Public Health
  4. PhD in Public Health (Integrated)
  5. PhD in Health Education

The program prepares students to become leading public health professionals capable of addressing current global health problems through multidisciplinary approaches that apply the latest scientific knowledge.

By offering a variety of programs, students can pick an area of study that best fits their unique academic and career interests. With a graduate degree in public health, students may work in a variety of sectors and specialties, including health services administration, nutrition and international health.

Watch our program video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJwBlsTniqY

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