Working in an industry like public health gives you the opportunity to make your career better.
Do you know why?  

“The field of public health is experiencing unprecedented growth”

Africa’s Health system needs to be revamped and is getting revamped as per WHO statistics. Equipping hospitals with adequate supplies of medicine, constructing more health centers and hiring extra public health professionals are on the agenda as per the African government. The road to becoming a Public Health Professional is long and demanding in Africa. In fact, it is the need of the hour!


Now the various questions come to your mind like…

  1. What career paths can I take in public health?
  2. What is the Public Health Job Outlook?

Now the various questions comes to your mind like..

What career paths can I take in public health?

Public health is a huge field and all types of jobs are necessary to improve the world we live in. This sector offers dozens of opportunities for all types of personalities and skillsets.

Because of the variety and job demand, there’s also room for advancement as you gain experience in your career. Some of the roles that may interest you include:

  1. Director of Environmental Health
  2. Project Manager
  3. Health Administrator
  4. Health Educator
  5. Public Health Officer
  6. Clinical Trials Analyst
  7. Social Worker
  8. Statistician
  9. Water Quality Investigator
  10. Infection Control Officer

What is the Public Health Job Outlook?

The variety of jobs available makes public health a good fit for many students who seek to use their abilities and passions for the public good. However, it can also provide a challenge when attempting to take the pulse of the public health industry as a whole. Graduates with Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees may qualify for any number of jobs, including those listed below diagram.


By knowing the career opportunities for public health, you would decide to study a public health degree. Right??

Now the question is…

I am already working in a company but need to study public health?
I am a home maker, but I wish to make my career in public health?
I can only do my public health degree in part time? 
Is there any option to do my degree at my place?

The answer for all of these is very simple…..

We, Texila American University are one of the best institutes in Africa providing DBLP program in Public Health.

Texila American University offers a wide range of Bachelors, Masters / Postgraduate and Doctoral Level Programs in Distance & Blended Learning mode.The unique program delivery model allows you to learn and earn your degree at your convenience without compromising on your professional and personal lives.

Currently we have 6000+ students and alumanies in our public health program. 1000+ students are completed and placed in top companies like:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Africa CUAMM Italian NGO

Ministry of Health, Lesotho

Ministry of Health Botswana

Tanzania Food & Drugs Authority (TFDA)

Aids Healthcare Foundation


Federal Ministry of Health

County Government of Mombasa County

Edo State Ministry of Health

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