MBBS Abroad fees lower than Indian colleges

In India, an increasing number of medical school aspirants are going abroad to study medicine as the cost of medical education in India is touching new heights every year. This year, it is estimated that students may have to shelve out a whopping 64 lakh rupees to get a seat in a private medical college).

Source: Times of India,2018

If that isn’t reason enough, the lack of sufficient MBBS seats further encourage students to study medicine outside India. Every year nearly 8,000 to 10,000 students travel outside India for their medical education. From US, UK and Canada, to Germany, Poland, the Caribbean, China, Russia and Philippines, the options and opportunities for studying medicine abroad are enormous.  

Nowadays, there are several countries that provide affordable and quality medical education. In Guyana (South America), Texila American University is one such college! The college is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), has an affordable fee structure (starting from Rs. 38 lakhs only), and a robust curriculum that is at par with US universities. Recognition by the MCI ensures that students are eligible to sit for the MCI Screening Test on their return.

Why studying MBBS abroad is better than Indian Private Colleges

While cost of medical education in India and lack of availability of seats tops why students prefer to study medicine internationally, one cannot ignore the other factors that’s adding value to an internal degree.

  • No Donation/Capitation fee

Capitation fees are exorbitant in private medical colleges in India. Often meritorious students miss out on the opportunity to study medicine due to it. This is not the case when study outside the country. Colleges in US, Europe, Caribbean etc. do not charge any capitation fees to students. So, if a student has good scores and the determination to study medicine, studying MBBS abroad is the better option.  

  • Entrance Test for Admission

Most colleges do not require a separate entrance/eligibility exam for international students. Admissions are usually based on high school/senior secondary school performance and availability of seats. Do check with the college on the eligibility criteria first before committing.

  • Low Cost of Living

When it comes to cost of living in a foreign country it varies greatly. While stay in USA, UK, Canada and certain European countries is usually on the higher side, there are other countries where living is economical. For instance, cost of living in Guyana (South America) can be as less as Rs. 6500-13000 per month; living cost in China can range from Rs. 7000-14000 per month, considering average living expenses.

  • World Class Infrastructure

It goes without saying that international colleges offer better infrastructure and facilities. From laboratories to libraries, classrooms to hostels – international colleges often raise the benchmark. It is also noteworthy that most colleges especially those in the US, UK, Canada and even Caribbean/South America are often listed in international medical directories and/or recognized by global groups such as WHO, UNESCO, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), European Council etc. making them colleges of international repute.

  • International Exposure

Global exposure is probably one of the most attractive reasons for studying MBBS abroad. Global universities have a diverse student base from different countries, ethnicity and culture. Education as such no longer gets limited to classroom lectures and laboratory sessions but goes beyond.

Studying MBBS abroad doesn’t have to be a burden on your budget! Sometimes, it is prudent to study away from your country – which can turn out to be a rather lucrative opportunity. Whether you’re worried about tuition fees or living costs, there are some countries which are affordable and also offer excellent education experience. So, crunch the numbers smartly and broaden your research!

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