When it comes to the medical field, be it in any part of the world, one major question that comes to all the doctors is, “What’s next after MBBS?”. The answer to this frequented question is usually the option to pursue higher medical studies like MD, MS, etc. or to dive straight into active medical practice.

Armed with a degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), one has the option of choosing from a wide array of possibilities and opportunities based on one’s individual interests and career goals.

While there are some who choose to work or train in a professional environment, the most recommended route is to pursue a higher qualification in the form of a post-graduation degree which can be done either in India or abroad.

One of the main reasons that make students want to travel abroad for their higher studies is the very limited number of seats for medical post-graduation in India and also for the improved exposure and higher quality of education available abroad. 

Thus, doing a medical specialization abroad gives you a great platform with an array of opportunities that will shape your career and propel you to succeed in the world of global healthcare. With this in mind, we at Texila American University are here to offer you further PG options that are sure to help you realize your medical dreams.

Apart from choosing a regular MD, MS, Diploma & DNB courses which can be really hard to get into, you also have the option of pursuing additional courses with a mix of full-time and online at Texila American University as listed below.

1. Fellowship with Master of Medicine / Master of Surgery

2. Non – Invasive Cardiology (NIC)

3. Master of Medical Science (MMSC)

The below infographic will further give you a piece of more structured and detailed information on everything you need to know so that you can create exactly the type of future suits you best.


Enroll with us and together we will change the future of medicine, for you and the world.

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