Blended PG program for Practicing doctors

The current challenges in higher education in medicine — including higher fees, budget cuts, and shortage of seats — making many medical practitioners search for alternatives. Online and blended education has clearly become one of the most popular options for a postgraduate degree in medicine.

Blended learning methodology has grown over the last few years and is globally accepted. With online and blended learning, Doctors get to control their learning environment, which ultimately helps them to develop a deeper understanding of their chosen field of specialization. Distance and blended learning also provides Doctors an opportunity to finish a degree they might have started and were unable to continue with for one reason or another.

Advantages of Blended PG degree

Flexible: A blended learning method offers flexibility in presenting content. With an online component, Doctors have the flexibility and convenience over how and when they can participate in the lecture.

Efficient: With a well-planned blended learning strategy, lectures are delivered efficiently and quickly. Also, with digital assets such as videos, audios and eBooks, the potential for re-use is huge.

Personalized: Any program that is not well implemented can create an isolating, cookie-cutter and impersonal learning experience. But a well-crafted, personalized blended methodology can provide a smooth transition from classroom to computer.

Texila American University’s Blended PG programs

Texila American University (TAU) is a UNESCO-IAU listed university. We have 4500+ students from more than 70+ countries enrolled in our programs. Our students are employed in the WHO, UN, international NGOs and ministries across countries. Our curriculum has been developed in collaboration with globally renowned universities like University of Central Nicaragua (UCN).

In current scenario, when earning a post graduation degree is essential for Doctors, lack of PG seats, lack of time and lure of existing practice make it difficult for doctors to go for a PG degree. Texila American University (TAU) offers an attractive alternative through its blended postgraduate programs in medicine.

With its unique online and blended learning methodology, TAU’s blended PG programs help Doctors gain an add-on degree in their chosen field of specialization.

Medical stakeholders are convinced that the way forward in medical education is through online and blended learning. TAU’s blended PG programs are flexible and convenient enabling Doctors to participate in lecture, at any time of the day, seven days a week.